“Stay Green & Focused” Seminar in Sydney, NSW

Yesterday I went to a seminar with one of my friends. The objective of the seminar was “Stay Green and Focused”. It was held in Rushcutter’s Bay, NSW. It was organised by Australian Renewable Energy Agency. The seminar started at 5 in the evening. They mainly focussed on green energy, hybrid vehicles, power sources etc.

They believe in “Energy conservation is the power of energy independence”. At first, a lecturer from Sydney came and he defined the various types of green energy. It includes – solar power, hydropower, thermal power, biomass, geothermal energy and biofuels. He insisted on the need of using such energy in place of non-renewable sources of energy. He also asked us to use CNG cars and other vehicles. Then he showed us a presentation to give us a clear concept of the importance of green energy. He told us that green energy will not exhaust. It is a clean source of energy that will keep away environmental pollution. It also helps in stabilising price rise. It will meet the need of the future years too.

After giving a speech of thirty minutes, came another speaker. He gave us a lecture on power sources such as hydroelectricity, tidal energy, wind power, solar power, nuclear energy and biomass energy. He asked –“Is it not our duty to think for future? If yes, then don’t waste fossil fuels and try to save it for our children.” Today hydroelectric power generates 10% of total energy of a nation. He told us that even a micro hydroelectric system can produce power that is more than enough for ranch, home or farm. Biomass is used to generate electricity and use as a fuel in transports. He turned our attention to the importance of using such power sources instead of fossil fuel.

Then the seminar focussed on hybrid vehicles and how it work. They told us that hybrid vehicles have power accessories like power steering pump, air conditioner and the alternator. It provides quality power to the car at its cruising speed. During its speed acceleration, the batteries provide extra battery power. It has very small engine with 10-20 HP to run at maximum speed efficiency.

After that the seminar winds up by giving us some news on green energy. They give us the information that according to International Energy Agency nearly 10.7 trillion money is required for the process of transition to low carbon economy. For this creative solution of financing is needed to get the enormous capital for clean energy project.

The seminar was quite interesting and informative. But, after listening to all these, we got tired. We wanted something to eat to refresh ourselves. We went to Panorama Pizza restaurant at Rushcutter Bay and ordered two medium Moroccon Lamb Pizza. It was yummy with marinated lamb fillets, garlic base and fresh capsicum. Something a bit different from my all time favourite Lorentto Pizza at Bondi but still quite nice. We went on walking around the nearby park enjoying our pizza and the gentle breeze while discussing about the importance of green energy.

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Rocky’s Place Pizza in Bondi Junction

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The best Pizza in Bondi? Let’s see

A trip to Sydney is incomplete without a trip to Bondi. The golden curves of the Bondi along with the vast blue ocean are the quintessential things that attract you towards Bondi. Just like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, so are the golden beaches of Bondi popular amongst the tourists. The only thing that you might find lacking is the option of luxury stays in Bondi. This place has been always popular for the budget or the backpack travellers.

Relaxing atmosphere

The accommodations that are available now for the tourists are quite friendly, and give the travellers the options of enjoying a laid back attitude too. If you are more of a social kind, then you will not miss the bars and pubs, as they are very near to these tourist apartments. As Bondi is centrally located, you can travel to other tourist attractions across Sydney.

Try the Australian pizza for dinner

If you want to skip cooking your dinner, then you can easily order for a home delivery. The thin crust pizza of is very popular with the tourists, and can be ordered for dinner. There is a host of pizza outlets in Bondi, from where you can order your pizza. First I checked Gourmet Slice but at the end I chosed, I believe, the best one: Papa Roma Pizza on Curlewis Street in Bondi Beach, NSW. They believe that whether the pizza originated in Italy or Greece, but the irresistible taste that the pizza gets is from the Australian tomatoes, which are juicy and red.